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(2023-09-25) What's new in ROR 1.51.1

  • 🐞Fix (KBN) issue with Observability Overview-based applications hiding
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Correct kibana.index handling for KBN >= 7.9.0 when multi-tenancy is disabled or unavailable
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Unrestricted Kibana Access on the tenancy switch when a selected tenant is not available anymore
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Unhandled error during login when multiTenancyEnabled: false
  • 🐞Fix (ES) LDAP connectivity improvements

(2023-09-10) What's new in ROR 1.51.0

  • 🚨Security Fix (KBN) the issue with api_only access level user and accessing via Kibana UI
  • 🚀New (KBN) 8.10.2, 8.10.1, 8.9.2, 7.17.13 support
  • 🚀New (ES) 8.10.2, 8.10.1, 8.10.0, 8.9.2, 7.17.13 support
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Expose interactive Swagger as a new Security settings tab
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Provide detailed information about the invalid activation key
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) additional hide_apps validation in the kibana rule
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) the issue with the persistence of an activation key provided via UI when readonlyrest_kbn.cookiePass was not provided. The readonlyrest_kbn.cookiePass is required kibana.yml property
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) issues for Kibana versions between 7.9.0 and 7.10.2, related to the activation key, Spaces, and readonlyREST menu crash
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) The issue with a logout from Kibana when the link to the Kibana is open from a third-party application like Gmail
  • 🐞Fix (ES) stack-management screen fix in case of true

(2023-07-25) What's new in ROR 1.50.0

  • 🚀New (KBN/ES) ECK support
  • 🚀New (KBN) 8.9.1, 8.9.0, 7.17.12 support
  • 🚀New (ES) 8.9.1, 8.9.0, 7.17.12 support
  • 🚀New (KBN) Introduce the new ReadonlyREST API
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Remove application item info from URL on the tenant switch to avoid a 404 not found message
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Provide Reordering available tenancies for proxy auth authentication
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Provide information about granted/rejected log-in users to debug logs

(2023-06-27) What's new in ROR 1.49.1

(2023-05-28) What's new in ROR 1.49.0

  • 🚀New (ES) 8.8.1 support
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Handle elasticsearch.serviceAccountSupport configuration property
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Provide a way to Hidden apps Stack management items hiding
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Provide an automated migration of tenancy indices on major Kibana version upgrade
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) external group name patterns support in the external to local groups mapping
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) the issue with the replica number being set to 0 on tenant index creation
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) users won’t log out from Kibana on the 500 status error
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) the issue with Kibana keystore not being read by the Kibana plugin
  • 🐞Fix (KBN < 7.9.0) logging issue when two Kibanas are handled by one browser at the same time
  • 🐞Fix (ES) resolving ENVs to YAML number in ROR settings

(2023-04-15) What's new in ROR 1.48.0

(2023-02-13) What's new in ROR 1.47.0

  • 🚨Security Fix (ES) "/" endpoint was not protected for ES 8.x
  • 🚨Security Fix (ES) "/_cat" endpoint was not protected for all ES versions
  • 🚀New (KBN) 8.7.0, 8.6.2 support
  • 🚀New (ES) 8.7.0, 8.6.2 support
  • 🚀New (ES) the data_streams rule
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) optimisation in hidden apps feature
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Opening index management mappings tab forces logout
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Fix dark mode in the ROR menu
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) YAML editor updates and fixes
  • 🐞Fix (ES) Data streams support in the indices rule
  • 🐞Fix (ES) NPE when _search with aggregations (script) and the fields rule were used together

(2023-01-02) What's new in ROR 1.46.0

  • 🚀New (KBN) 8.6.1, 8.6.0, 7.17.9 support
  • 🚀New (ES) 8.6.1, 8.6.0, 7.17.9 support
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Activation key management UI
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Less verbose logging in info mode
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) “Stack management” kibana compatibility
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Test settings pop up won’t show
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) hide apps behaviour when “Management” is hidden
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Data view with a “:” symbol forces logout from a kibana
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Session probe causes constant refresh when no kibana_access defined
  • 🐞Fix (ES) large report generation using data from a remote cluster with enabled x-pack security

(2022-12-05) What's new in ROR 1.45.1

  • 🚀New (KBN) 8.5.3, 7.17.8 support
  • 🚀New (ES) 8.5.3, 7.17.8 support
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) ROR KBN patching script

(2022-11-29) What's new in ROR 1.45.0

  • 🚨Security Fix (ES) CVE-2022-42003, CVE-2022-45146
  • 🚀New (KBN) Activation Key API: read AK from ROR_ACTIVATION_KEY.txt
  • 🚀New (KBN) Activation Key API: submit AK via POST /pkp/license (Basic auth)
  • 🚀New (KBN) Inject CSS/JS files in login page
  • 🚀New (KBN) Add user metadata to for extra UI customization
  • 🚀New (ES) Added groups_and mode to groups_provider_authorization rule
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) all authorization rules support wildcards in group names
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) connections in the LDAP pool should not be closed unnecessarily
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Deterministic reporting index detection
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Move free type impersonation to the local users area
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) don’t logout when initial JWT token expires
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Direct Kibana API requests not aware of kibana_index
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) RO and RO_strict kibana accesses
  • 🐞Fix (ES) Unknown structure of index settings issue fix
  • 🐞Fix (ES) resolving index names with wildcards should take into consideration the current index state and request indices options

(2022-10-09) What's new in ROR 1.44.0

  • 🚨Security Fix (ES) CVE-2022-25857
  • 🚀New (KBN) 8.5.2, 8.5.1, 8.5.0, 7.17.7 support
  • 🚀New (ES) 8.5.2, 8.5.1, 8.5.0, 7.17.7 support
  • 🚀New (KBN) plugin packages are now universal
  • 🚀New (KBN) Manage your activation keys through the customer portal
  • 🚀New (ES) Added support for certificates in PEM format
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) SAML groups list duplication made header size exceed limits
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) kibana_access: admin has now privileges to manage a Kibana cluster
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) added distributed and persistent Test Settings & Auth Mocks configuration for the Impersonation Feature
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) handling high load when LDAP rules are used
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) client_authentication settings in internode SSL configuration
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) acl:available_groups dynamic variable can be used in a single value context
  • 🐞Fix (ES) SNI handling (internode SSL)

(2022-08-22) What's new in ROR 1.43.0

  • 🚀New (KBN) 8.4.3, 8.4.2, 8.4.1, 8.4.0, 7.17.6 support
  • 🚀New (ES) 8.4.3, 8.4.2, 8.4.1, 8.4.0, 7.17.6 support
  • 🚀New (KBN) kibana_custom_js_inject_file feature
  • 🐞Fix (ES) resolving indices in the remote x-pack cluster
  • 🐞Fix (KBN|PRO) ROR menu title wraps when version text is too short (cosmetic)
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) infinite loading when kibana_access not defined for user
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) transient error with randomly choosing off range bind port on localhost
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) 404 on login when xpack.spaces.enabled: false

(2022-07-25) What's new in ROR 1.42.0

  • 🚀New (KBN|ES) 8.3.3, 8.3.2, 8.3.1, 8.3.0, 7.15.5 support
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Search box in tenancy switcher (when #tenancies > 5)
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) added configuration warnings in the Impersonation Feature
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Logout didn’t delete the SAML session on the IdP
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) 5xx errors from Elasticsearch break Kibana users’ session unrecoverably
  • 🐞Fix (ES) ROR node cooperation with X-pack nodes

(2022-06-21) What's new in ROR 1.41.0

  • 🚀New (ES) Added groups_and mode to ror_kbn_auth and jwt_auth rules
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Prevent native credentials dialogue to appear in Kibana when ES responds 401
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Logging in after logout shows the same page you last visited
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) x-ror-correlation-id header lets you audit a whole Kibana session
  • 🐞Fix (ES|KBN) tenancy selector didn't work well with jwt_auth and ror_kbn_auth rules
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Support for special characters in tenancy names
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) OIDC logout flow redirecting to bad request error
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) OIDC connector not working in Kibana < 7.12.0

(2022-05-24) What's new in ROR 1.40.0

  • 🚨Security Fix (KBN) “Security” app not entirely hidden in 8.2.x
  • 🚀New (ES) New Support for 8.2.3, 8.2.2, 8.2.1, 7.17.4
  • 🚀New (KBN) New Support for 8.2.2 8.2.1, 7.17.4
  • 🚀New (ES & KBN) The Impersonation feature
  • 🚀New (ES) FIPS compliant SSL mode
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) SAML cert is now required
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) moved OIDC to better library
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) OIDC jwksURL is now required
  • 🐞Fix (ES) indices: ["1"] interpreted as integer and fails to parse
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) /login?jwt=xxx authorization now works again
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) OIDC/SAML assertion claims were not forwarded to ES
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) include whitelisted headers while logging
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) basepath handling fixes (too many redirects)
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Make ROR default space the actual default one
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) OIDC connection error

(2022-03-19) What's new in ROR 1.39.0

(2022-01-17) What's new in ROR 1.38.0

  • 🚀New (ES) New Support for 7.17.0, 7.17.1
  • 🚀New (KBN) New Support for 7.17.0
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) Separate "audit" section for all audit settings
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Editor rendering issue with kibana basePath enabled

(2021-12-14) What's new in ROR 1.37.0

  • 🚨Security Fix (ES) CVE-2021-43797
  • 🚀New (ES) New Support for 7.16.3, 7.16.2, 6.8.23, 6.8.22
  • 🚀New (KBN) New Support for 7.16.3, 7.16.2, 7.16.1, 7.16.10, 6.8.23, 6.8.22, 6.8.21
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) fields rule handling in the context of x-Pack SQL requests
  • 🐞Fix (ES) filter rule handling in the context of x-Pack SQL requests
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) POST / bulk cause an 400 error in devtools console
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) More robust Kibana patcher + better logs messages

(2021-11-21) What's new in ROR 1.36.0

(2021-10-17) What's new in ROR 1.35.1

  • 🚨Security Fix (ES) CVE-2021-21409 & CVE-2021-27568
  • 🚀New (KBN) Support Kibana 7.15.1
  • 🚀New (ES) New Support for 7.15.2
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Support "server.ssl.supportedProtocols" settings
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Support "server.ssl.cipherSuites"
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Always honor SSL cipher order
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Don'thide "Add/Remove field as column" in Discover app for RO users
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) More alerting fixes (only for main tenancy)

(2021-10-12) What's new in ROR 1.35.0

  • 🚀New (KBN) Support Kibana 7.15.0, 7.14.2
  • 🚀New (ES) New Support for 7.15.1, 6.8.19, 6.8.20
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) when ROR is starting any request is going to end up with HTTP 403 response, instead of HTTP 503
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) "server.basePath" kibana option implementation
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Support full regex in kibana_hidden_apps rule
  • 🧐Enhancement Crash if Kibana is not patched
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Honour kibana setting "logging.dest"
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Confirm before overwriting audit log dashboard
  • 🐞Fix (ES) verbosity: error fix in case of ROR KBN login request
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Make alerting work on primary tenancy
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) OIDC fix sameSite / secure cookie options
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Login form is stretched when long error
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Login form is stretched when long error
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Resolve browser console errors on a popover close

(2021-09-24) What's new in ROR 1.34.0

  • 🚀New (ES) New Support for 7.15.0, 7.14.2
  • 🚀New (KBN) VS Code style YAML editor
  • 🚀New (KBN) Skip rendering hidden app groups entirely
  • 🚀New (KBN) Redesigned ROR Menu
  • 🚀New (KBN) Dark theme awareness
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Broken Kibana Spaces
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Support Kibana's undocumented "server.ssl.*" settings
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) cookiePass config parsing broke load balancing

(2021-08-14) What's new in ROR 1.33.1

  • 🚀New (ES) New Support for 7.14.1
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Error in patching for 7.14.0
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) clearSessionOnEvents now works as expected
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) login form font loads correctly

(2021-08-09) What's new in ROR 1.33.0

  • 🚨Security Fix (KBN) xml-crypto dependency update
  • 🚀New (KBN) New Support for 7.14.0, 6.8.18
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Parse credentials in /api/* requests, no need for valid cookie. Supersedes whitelistedPaths
  • 🐞Fix (KBN)Caching issues switching tenancies with dark/light theme
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Newly created Space shows in all tenancies when using default kibana index
  • 🐞Fix (KBN < 7.9.x) nextUrl works again with SAML and OIDC

(2021-07-25) What's new in ROR 1.32.0

  • 🚨Security Fix (ES) Apache Commons Codec vulnerability
  • 🚨Security Fix (KBN) upgraded dependencies due to security fixes
  • 🚨Security Fix (KBN) disable x-powered-by to avoid fingerprinting
  • 🚀New (ES) Support for ES 7.14.0 & 6.8.18
  • 🚀New (KBN) Support for Kibana 7.13.x series
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) honor configurations coming from ENV and CLI options
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) when metadata has no username, login must be denied
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) audit tab ported to new platform
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) improved ES resources cleaning when ROR returns FORBIDDEN response
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN < 7.9.x) auto clean-up dangling SAML/OIDC cookies
  • 🐞Fix (ES) not allowed aliases should not present in a response for a Get Index API request
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) fix dev-tools and import saved object not working
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) honor requestHeadersWhitelist in user metadata request (login)
  • 🐞Fix (KBN < 7.9.x) do not crash on invalid metadata

(2021-06-29) What's new in ROR 1.31.0

  • 🚨Security Fix (KBN) prevent direct navigation to hidden apps
  • 🚀New (ES) 7.13.4, 7.13.3, 7.13.2, 6.8.17 support
  • 🚀New (KBN) new minimal Kibana Management menu when "Management" app is hidden
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) logout active Kibana session if key metadata/permissions change in ACL
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) better port number validation
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) improved cluster indices handling
  • 🐞Fix (ES) search template API handling with filter and fields rule
  • 🐞Fix (ES) multi-tenancy issue when groups_provider_authorization is used
  • 🐞Fix (ES) x_forwarded_for rule: wrong handling of / request
  • 🐞Fix (ES) Issue with handling ResizeRequest which made it unable to upgrade Kibana to version 7.12.0+
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) some Kibana requests arrive to ES without credentials
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) inconsistent read after write in session storage lead to issues with round robin load balancing
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) bad multipart POST handling leads to saved object import errors

(2021-05-26) What's new in ROR 1.30.1

  • 🚨Security Fix (ES) CVE-2021-27568
  • 🚀New (ES) 7.13.0, 7.13.1 support
  • 🐞Fix (ES) Regression in multi-tenancy handling
  • 🐞Fix (ES) Proper handling of _snapshot/_status endpoint

(2021-05-16) What's new in ROR 1.30.0

(2021-04-09) What's new in ROR 1.29.0

  • 🚨Security Fix (ES) Security Fix (ES) CVE-2021-21409
  • 🚀New (KBN) support 7.9.0, 7.9.1, 7.10.0, 7.10.1, 7.10.2, 7.11.0, 7.11.1, 7.11.2 (with ROR new platform)
  • 🚀New (ES) 7.12.1 support
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) logout if the credentials/metadata of the current user change in the ACL

(2021-04-01) What's new in ROR 1.28.2

  • 🚨Security Fix (ES) CVE-2021-21295
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) prevent SAML/OIDC initiated Kibana sessions from expiring after session_timeout_minutes despite continued interaction

(2021-03-24) What's new in ROR 1.28.1

(2021-03-14) What's new in ROR 1.28.0

(2021-02-27) What's new in ROR 1.27.1

(2021-02-16) What's new in ROR 1.27.0

(2021-01-11) What's new in ROR 1.26.1

  • 🐞Fix (ES) wrong behaviour of kibana_access rule for ROR actions when ADMIN value is set

(2021-01-02) What's new in ROR 1.26.0

What's new in 1.25.2

What's new in 1.25.1

What's new in 1.25.0

What's new in 1.24.0

  • 🚨Security Fix (ES) search template handling fix
  • 🚀New (ES) 7.9.3 & 6.8.13 support
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) full support for ES Snapshots and Restore APIs
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) fix crash in error handling
  • 🐞Fix (ES) don't remove ES response warning headers
  • 🐞Fix (ES) issue when entropy of /dev/random could have been exhausted when using JwtToken rule

What's new in 1.23.1

  • 🚀New (ES) 7.9.2 support
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) fix code 500 error on login in Kibana

What's new in 1.23.0

What's new in 1.22.1

  • 🐞Fix (ES) missing handling of aliases API for ES 7.9.0

What's new in 1.22.0

  • 🚀New (ES) 7.9.0 support
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) aliases API handling
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) dynamic variables support in fields rule
  • 🐞Fix (ES) adding aliases issue
  • 🐞Fix (ES) potential memory leak for ES 7.7.x and above
  • 🐞Fix (ES) cross cluster search issue fix for X-Pack _async_search action
  • 🐞Fix (ES) XFF entry in audit issue
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) SAML certificate loading
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) SAML loading groups from assertion
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) fix reporting in pre-7.7.0

What's new in 1.21.0

What's new in 1.20.0

  • 🚀New 7.7.1, 7.8.0 support
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) tidy up audit page
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN FREE) clearly inform when features are not available
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) ship license report of libraries
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) filter rule performance improvement
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) proxy_auth: avoid logout-login loop
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) 404 error on font CSS file
  • 🐞Fix (ES) /_mget handling by indices rule when no index from a list is found
  • 🐞Fix (ES) available groups order in metadata response should match the order in which groups appear in ACL
  • 🐞Fix (ES) .readonlyrest and audit index - removed usage of explicit index type
  • 🐞Fix (ES) tasks leak bug

What's new in 1.19.5

  • 🚀New 7.7.0, 7.6.2, 6.8.9, 6.8.8 support
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES/KBN) kibana_access can be explicitly set to unrestricted
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) LDAP connection pool improvement
  • 🐞Fix (ES) remote indices searching bug
  • 🐞Fix (ES) cross cluster search support for _field_caps request
  • 🚨Security Fix (ES) create and delete templates handling
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Regression in proxy_auth_passthrough
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) whitelistedPaths now accepts basic auth credentials
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Dump logout button, new ROR Panel
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) removed ROR from Kibana sidebar. Admins have a link in new panel.
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) avoid show login form redirecting from SAML IdP
  • 🚨Security Fix (KBN) server-side navigation prevention to hidden apps

What's new in 1.19.4

  • 🐞Fix (ES) Interpolating config with environment variables in SSL section
  • 🐞Fix (KBN Ent 6.x) Fixed default space creation in
  • 🐞Fix (KBN 6.x) Fixed error toast notification not showing
  • 🐞Fix (KBN Ent) Fixed missing Axios dependency
  • 🐞Fix (KBN Ent) Fixed SAML connector
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) Toast notification overlap with logout bar
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Restyled logout bar
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) Configurable periodic session checker

What's new in 1.19.3

  • 🚀New (ES/KBN) 7.6.1 compatibility
  • 🚀New (ES) customizable name of settings index
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) configurable ROR cookie name
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES/KBN) handling of encoded ROR headers in Authorization header values
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) user feedback on why login failed
  • 🐞Fix (ES) support for multiple header values
  • 🐞Fix (ES) releasing LDAP connection pool on reloading ROR settings
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) multitenancy issue with 7.6.0+
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) creation of default space for new tenant
  • 🐞Fix (KBN 6.x) in RO mode, don't hide add/remove over fields in discovery
  • 🐞Fix (KBN 6.x) index template & in-index session manager issues

What's new in 1.19.2

  • 🚀New (KBN) 7.6.0 support
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) less verbose info logging
  • 🧐Enhancement (KBN) start up time semantic check for settings
  • 🐞Fix (KBN Free) missing logout button
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) error message creating internal proxy
  • 🐞Fix (KBN 6.x) add field to filter button invisible in RO mode

What's new in 1.19.1

  • 🚀New (ES) 7.6.0 support, Kibana support coming soon
  • 🚀New (KBN) Audit log dashboard
  • 🚀New (KBN) Template index can now be declared per tenant instead of globally
  • 🚀New (ES) custom trust store file and password options in ROR settings
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) When "prompt_for_basic_auth" is enabled, ROR is going to return 401 instead of 404 when the index is not found or a user is not allowed to see the index
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) literal ipv6 with zone Id is acceptable network address
  • 🧐Enhancement (ES) LDAP client cache improvements
  • 🐞Fix (ES) /_all/_settings API issue
  • 🐞Fix (ES) Index stats API & Index shard stores API issue
  • 🐞Fix (ES) readonlyrest.force_load_from_file setting decoding issue
  • 🐞Fix (KBN) allowing user to be logged in in two tabs at the same time