Commercial Licenses

ReadonlyREST PRO and ReadonlyREST Enterprise are commercial subscriptions. They both include the license to use a Kibana plugin that can operate exclusively in synergy with our ReadonlyREST Elasticsearch plugin.

The Kibana plugin included in the Enterprise offer has more functionality than the one included in the PRO subscription. See for the detailed differences.

The ReadonlyREST Elasticsearh plugin is released as open source under the GPLv3 license. However, It is possible to request a quote for obtaining a commercial license that enables you to integrate ReadonlyREST for Elasticsearch and/or for Kibana inside your commercial product.

What is Priority Support?

Priority support is an email based, private support service with the creators of ReadonlyREST, and it covers two (2) incidents per quarter. Email

We guarantee a max response time of 2 working days (usually less).

Please remember that the scope of priority support is limited to the resolution of ReadonlyREST issues, not Elasticsearch or Kibana issues, not your application or infrastructure issues.

Any further engagement beyond the above terms requires to either:

  • go through the public forum (outside of SLA terms)

  • be purchased as consultancy days ($700 USD / day)

  • the subscriber to buy a secondary Enterprise subscription for that year, so to double their quarterly priority support slots.

Am I eligible of Priority support?

Non paying users, must rely only on community support alone. ReadonlyREST PRO comes with 30 days "onboarding" dedicated support (on the whole ReadonlyREST stack). ReadonlyREST Enterprise comes with 30 days "onboarding" dedicated support (on both plugins) AND one year of priority support via email or forum private messages.

In case you have a specific agreement with Beshu Limited (the company behind ReadonlyREST) for a commercial license that allows you to redistribute ReadonlyREST commercially, the priority SLA support does not cover your commercial customers directly. We will accept support requests from you and your staff only, and within the limits stated in the end user license agreement.

Join the support forum

For enabling priority support:

  • Register immediately to the support forum.

  • Register using the exact email (or same distinctive domain) used in the license registration

  • Ask to be added to the PRO or Enterprise group.

When opening the account, make sure you are using the same domain as the original license email or explain your connection to the licensed company.

After that, when you actually need support, open a support topic. Don't forget to:

  • Search for similar issues first! Often someone else already reported your issue.

  • Start the topic title with [URGENT], [HIGH] or [NORMAL] severity followed by a description of the issue.

  • State whether you are a PRO or Enterprise customer

  • State clearly the problem: the input, the desired output and the erroneous output

  • Collect the logs and the configuration to reproduce the bug before opening the support topic.

How severe is my issue?

  • URGENT: Production is down, your business has stopped, we need to drop everything now and help you.

  • HIGH: Production is wounded, but still functioning. You aren't sure if it's fatal, we will send help as quickly as possible.

  • NORMAL: Production seems fine, but you have questions (this is usually the default).

Is there a trial version?

We publish also a "Free" simplified version of our Kibana plugin, but we also offer a 30 day trial of the full PRO and Enterprise editions. After 30 days, you will need to either uninstall the plugin, or purchase a license (the software will automatically stop working otherwise).

Can I get a discount?

You can a discount buying multiple licenses, or signing a contract for 2 or more years in advance (with advance payment).


Every organization running ReadonlyREST PRO or Enterprise must have a license. There's no limit to the number of cluster nodes for each cluster. Any license you buy allows you to use our software only within the scope of your organization. Please read your end user license agreement (EULA) for any clarification.

When a subscription lapses

Legally, you must have an active subscription to keep ReadonlyREST PRO or Enterprise running. After a one week grace period, the software will refuse to work and you will not be eligible of priority support. Moreover, you won't have access to any more security updates or new features.

Can I upgrade to Enterprise?

Sure, just ask for a discount coupon before deleting your previous subscription. So you'll only be charged the difference when purchasing an Enterprise license. Please don't forget to mention that you are an existing PRO subscriber.

Can I distribute it to my customers?

The short answer is YES, but only as long as you have one valid, active Embedded subscription ongoing. You need to make sure your subscription remains active for as long as your product/solution containing ReadonlyREST is being offered for sale.

The reason you cannot distribute ReadonlyREST as a Free user or a PRO subscriber is that the ElasticSearch plugin is released under the GPLv3 license; and the only legal way you could bundle it into a commercial product/solution is by also releaseing all your software under a GPL compatible license.

We recognise this is rarely possible, that's why we agree to release the ElasticSearch plugin and the Kibana plugin under a commercial license that permits you to redistribute them.

For more legal information, please contact us filing an inquiry for ReadonlyREST embed.

Can you transfer a license?

Licenses are not transferrable to another company. We will transfer the license from a user-specific email to a group email address (e.g. -> but only for the same domain. It is strongly recommended that you buy the license using a group email address so the license is not attached to any one employee's email address.

Obligations as a subscriber

Your purchase gets you access to downloading the PRO and/or Enterprise software. The license agreement requires you to keep this access private. If we find your access credentials are ever publicized:

  1. We'll send you a warning email with details. You need to remove the content and change the password.

  2. If your access is publicized a second time, we reserve the right to permanently remove access (but won't unless it's really egregious - sloppy contractors happen).

Can I get a refund?

Yes, up to two weeks after purchase. Let us know the reason and maybe we can help but either way it's not a problem. Email

What about payment methods?

For new subscriptions or renewals we offer a simplified method where you just receive an invoice, and you pay via credit card or wire transfer, or the full procurement process (quote, purchase order, invoice) at your discretion. For any questions: email

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